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Fangcao Hanyu: Ling Series - Reading

Committee of Fangcao Hanyu
Series: Fangcao Chinese
Merchandise Format: Printed book
Language: Simplified Chinese | English | PINYIN
Language Skill: Reading
Language Level: Beginner | Elementary
Optional Component(s):

Fangcao Hanyu: Ling Series is suitable for children aged 7-12. It includes three volumes: Pinyin, Learn to Read Chinese Characters, and Reading, which are both independent and interrelated. Each book can be regarded as a menu from which the teacher chooses items and combines them freely according to the students' Chinese proficiency for the sake of improving their Chinese language skills within a short period.

It can be used with the volumes of "Pinyin" and "Learn to Read Chinese Characters" in the same series, or as a reading skills training material that supplements other integrated textbooks. Each lesson taking 1–2 class hours, this book can be finished within 1–2 months if 5 class hours are spent on it each week.

◇Practice-oriented, targeted at training students' speaking and communication skills, its content organized based on the needs of instruction
◇Stressing children's self-directed learning and guiding students towards self-study, practice and application through the teaching of spelling skills, character recognition techniques and sample sentences
◇Boosting students' interest in learning and enhancing their learning effect through a great number of children's songs, games and fun exercises

This is the volume of Reading, which includes 15 lessons and 3 "Chinese Garden" exercises. Each lesson contains an easy short passage. The passages cover a wide range of topics and expose students to a multicultural world to cultivate their Chinese competence and global horizons. The book presents substantial content and feasible steps of teaching. Teachers can create interactive activities based on the design of each lesson.

The editorial committee of Fangcao Hanyu is formed by several veteran teachers at Fang Cao Di International School. Formerly Fang Cao Di Primary School founded in 1956, Fang Cao Di International School has attracted students from different countries, regions, and cultural backgrounds who speak different languages to learn Chinese there. The teachers, with well-founded Chinese knowledge and rich Chinese teaching experience, have designed this textbook series to meet students’ actual learning needs.

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Price: ¥58.00 CNY
Discount: Varies by qty.
In Stock
Merchandise ID: 008504
ISBN13: 9787561957417
Publication Date: 2021-5
Pages: 75 pages
Available Download:
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