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History Stories vol.15: The Story of Zhong Zhi Cheng Cheng
Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners Level 3
Chen Xianchun
Merchandise Format: Printed book
Language: Simplified Chinese | PINYIN
Language Skill: Reading
Language Level: Elementary | Intermediate
Optional Component(s):

Ms. Chen Xianchun is a professor at Beijing Language and Culture University who has engaged in the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language since 1975, equipped with rich Chinese teaching experience. Professor Chen has made profound research into the teaching of Chinese reading and has published, in addition to more than 20 academic papers, many monographs and textbooks such as Teaching Reading and Psychology, Typical Characters and Events in Chinese Culture, A Primer on Modern Chinese Reading, An Intensive Chinese Course, and Read This Way.

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Price: ¥29.00 CNY
Discount: Varies by qty.
In Stock
Merchandise ID: 008195
ISBN13: 9787561954812
Publication Date: 2019-9
Approximate: 210|145|5 mm
Pages: 93 pages
Available Download:
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